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grand estate, historic Hacienda, Cortijo Historico Antiguo in Andalucia / Spain ( vende venta inmuebles Andalucia )
A Gentleman Farmer's lifestyle and an agriculture investment combined

Dear visitor,

we are real estate agents offering rural estates in Uruguay, including the odd historic Estancia.
We maintain this site and have deliberately inserted terms like "cortijo, andalucia" etc under the presumption that if owning a historic cortijo interests you, a historic estancia might interest you even more.
Current listings and impressum here:
farmland for sale Uruguay.

An Estancia in Uruguay could be an alternative for you if the following aspects attract you :

a) owning land that has real agricultural potential (as opposed to southern Europe where agriculture is hardly viable without state subsedies)
b) a temperate mediterranian climate, non-tropical, with distinct seasons, reverse to the northern hemisphere, but with more rains in summer than countries like Spain or southern Italy receive, making for a lusher, greener landscape.
c) Rural mansions with stately mediterranian, late 1800s architecture (patio with well/cistern, heavy wrought iron appliances, high ceilings, galleries), style elements you would expect from a historic cortijo in Andalucia.
d) a horse and cattle culture

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one current offer
historic estate, estancia, Uruguay
fsbo1) 167 hectare
historic Estancia in Uruguay>

one current offer
historic estate, estancia, Uruguay
191) 543 hectare
historic Estancia / Finca Uruguay>

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Cortijos in Andalucia / Spain....

cortijo fain andalucia
cortijo-andaluciacortijo-historico-andalucia below left: Cortijo, Region Cartama / Andalucia
seen 2007 on for 2,7Mio, 90 hectare (for sale/venta inmuebles/se vende)

below right: Cortijo, Region Ronda / Andalucia
seen 2007 on for 750.000, 7 hectare



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